fellowship Youth

A Church Students Love!

Fellowship Youth meet in the Student Ministry Building. Follow the signs as you arrive on campus.

To sign up for Pastor Dave's weekly text message, text SIGN ME UP to 352.232.6320. Please include your name in the text.

Fellowship Youth is currently meeting on Wednesdays at the 301 Campus at 7pm.

Starting January 5, Fellowship Youth will also be meeting on Tuesdays at the Seffner Campus at 6pm.

Drama and Sign Language Group, meeting Wednesdays from 6-6:45pm in rooms 4 and 5 in the Student Ministry Building. Explore creative ways to use your talents and abilities for the Lord and His work!

Sunday Discipleship Classmeeting weekly at 9:30am in the Student Ministry Building. An opportunity to challenge the youth to become more effective disciples of Jesus Christ.
Parents, view the document below for more information. 

Upcoming Events

  • January 26: Bonfire - At the Seffner campus at 6pm. S'mores and hot chocolate will be provided. 
  • February 3: Birthday Snacks - Celebrating all the February birthdays by having desserts for everyone.
  • February 7: Super Bowl Sunday Party - More information to come.
  • February 10: Bring a Friend - Bring a friend this Wednesday while enjoying some hot chocolate!
  • February 13: Paintball - For more information, click here.